SCAPA Volunteers



Thank you for considering being a volunteer!

We are always looking to partner with families and friends of the SCAPA community to assist our school, teachers, and staff to bring the best possible learning & cultural experiences to the students.  To do this well, a lot of assistance is needed.

Here you will find all information regarding existing and upcoming volunteer needs.



 Opening for FOAS Vice President/President Elect

We have a vacancy on the FOAS Board for the position of Vice President/President Elect.  If you are interested, please contact  The description of the role is listed below.

  1. The Executive Vice President/President-Elect (President-Elect) shall work with the President to support and assist the President in all of the President’s duties and shall accept any responsibilities assigned by the President.
  2. The President-Elect shall assist the Senior Vice Presidents for Bluegrass and Lafayette in coordinating volunteers for Friends activities.
  3. The President-Elect shall chair the SCAPA Bash committee.
  4. The President-Elect shall attend Friends Board and general membership meetings.
  5. The President-Elect shall serve on the grant allocation committee, the budget committee, the programs/advertising committee, the nominating committee, and other committees as needed.
  6. Along with the President and Treasurer, the President-Elect shall have signature control over bank account activities.
  7. The President-Elect shall give a bond for the faithful discharge of the President-Elect’s duties in such sum and with such surety or sureties as the Board of Directors shall determine. The bond premium shall be paid for with Friends’ funds.
  8. In the absence of the President, the President-Elect shall fulfill the duties of President.
  9. The President-Elect shall, the year following service in this role, be nominated for the office of President.
  10. The President-Elect shall work within the funds appropriated in the budget to provide services.

Opening for Wellness Reps!

Ms. Stark and the Wellness team are searching for Wellness Reps (ES, MS, HS) to help with planning wellness events throughout the year.  Contact if you would be willing to serve.



Run for the Arts 5K Assistants Needed

It takes a lot of volunteers to host a 5K.  Would you be willing to help?   The Run for the Arts 5K which benefits all of the arts areas at SCAPA will take place on March 18, 2018.  Contact if you are interested in helping.



SCAPA Store Team

Volunteers are needed to rotate throughout the month to oversee SCAPA merchandise sales before and/or after school.  Team members will receive a SCAPA Wear discount!  Contact Kara Forston if you have questions or want to join our team!